Development of local and pan-European conditions to incorporate the INFUSSE Approach in the education systems

We argue that social challenges, as the pandemic, can be seen also as opportunities: Many of these developments to tackle its impacts in social, economic and educational level can — and should — be viewed as also offering areas for innovative solutions and cooperation opportunities. Developments in Information And Communications Technologies have created exciting possibilities for improving our ability to meet the social needs that came up in this difficult period such as eHealth in healthcare and virtual schools in education. By encouraging digital entrepreneurship and incorporating it into the educational and learning systems, policy-makers can pursue a triple triumph: a triumph for society and individuals by providing services that are of high quality, beneficial and affordable to users and add value to their daily lives; a triumph for governments by making the provision of those services more sustainable in the long term and a triumph for the industry by creating new business opportunities and
new entrepreneurship. Guidelines and recommendations for academia, policymakers and business and will be elaborated, under the guidance of ICEBERG, to highlight the growing importance of

(a) training digitally-competent and confident educators to virtually train learners

(b) upgrading learners (both students and graduates) skills towards digital entrepreneurship, developing innovative ideas and concepts to mitigate the impacts of severe challenges, such as the Covid-19 pandemic

(c) incorporating the Digital Entrepreneurial Education in the recently launched Digital Education Action Plan and impact of co-creation in social innovation

(d) utilizing digital tools and programmes to enable transnational training, learning, co-creation and open innovation

(e) utilizing digital tools and programmes to tackle equity, diversity and inclusion challenges in the learning environment These guidelines and recommendations will consolidate the experience gained throughout the project activities and providing a solid delivery mechanism for future exploitation to all target users, thus laying the ground for embedding INFUSSE project outcomes, approaches, programmes and results in the European HEI and VET systems, as well as in incubators, accelerators and other innovation and start up supporting structures.

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