INFUSSE partnership consists of 6 organizations from 3 countries (Greece, Romania, and Poland); 3 Higher education institutions (tertiary level), and 3 private organizations.

The selection of three HEIs (UoM, UMFST, CUE) and three innovation support counterparts related to innovation, business development, and support, knowledge transfer, startup networks, innovation, and entrepreneurship (KiNNO, ICEBERG, CREATEHUB), has a complementary concept.


The HEIs as entities have a large network of educators, students, graduates, and young entrepreneurs, the knowledge of the learning process, and the means to deliver this knowledge.

The three selected Innovation Support Officers have experience in innovation, business development, technology transfer process, and business rules. The cooperation was chosen in order to promote business ideas in Greece, Romania, and Poland. Thus, the appropriate partners that can work better together were selected.

Infusse Associated Partners

The INFUSSE project provides increased opportunities for cooperation and collaboration between stakeholders across different areas of expertise like associations of SMEs, Clusters, Networks, Business support organizations, Business Incubators, University’s incubators for the development of new business ideas, actors in the higher institution system, ICT and entrepreneurship actors. In this respect, the partners have contacted several organisations, crucial for being able to create the directory and mentoring scheme within the project. Following organisations, with high potential, have already expressed interest:

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