INFUSSE Open Educational Resources HUB

PR4 INFUSSE Open Educational Resources HUB was an important project result, summarizing the effort from PR1, PR2 and PR3 to convert the results produced there into a user-friendly, able to perform and ready to use solution to be implemented in PR6, 7 and 8. The activities started with assessments of possible solutions, went into a practical testing of two of them and delivered a very promising OER service for the implementation of the result. The partnership used the opportunity to have a user-friendly solution to improve the PR2 and PR3 content adjusting it to the expectations of the future participants.

The testing of the platform went beyond promising. Achieving an average rate of more than 4 out of five (4.08 – Very Good+) was very promising and building up for the partnership.

Platform was tested by a total number of 132 testers, which was above the expected threshold of 120. All three language versions (Greek, Romanian and Polish) were also launched and checked. At the end of the PR, the INFUSSE partnership had delivered a fully operational platform ready to implement PR6, 7 and 8, available both in English and all 3 local languages.


PR4/A3 Local Dissemination Webinars from all HEI partners was an important dissemination activity to raise the awareness of students about the project and the opportunities it brings for them for their entrepreneurial skills enhancement.

The webinars showed solid interest in the universities, allowing to communicate directly to students the INFUSSE Project and its offering, but also allowing the students to know better the course managers and have direct questions to them.

The webinars covered all expected KPIS (each country reaching a 70 participants in total), and created a solid fundament for the participation in PR7 and PR7, raising the awareness in the university and allowing us to promote the project not only directly to future participants in the project, but to the university ecosystem in general.

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