The INFUSSE project objectives include the following:
 create significant opportunities for young people to connect with the labor market and tackle unemployment.
     help young people who want to take the first step in the business world without special digital skills.
     increase the digital competencies of young people to foster youth-led innovation and entrepreneurship and boost advanced digital competencies development through entrepreneurial actions related to Ideas & Opportunities, Resources, and Into Action (as proposed by EntreComp Framework and enable them to develop resilient business models)
     shape the next generation of entrepreneurs by offering knowledge of economic and social factors that lead to successful and sustainable start-ups
  enable young entrepreneurs to become more social, perceive opportunities, and be able to take advantage of them to achieve their goals.
     enable young people to meet the challenges of the new era and to use digital tools to play a key role in developments in the business sector. In this way, they will be able to become the driving force of digital innovation, providing both university staff and graduates with the skills that will give them a competitive advantage.
     enable agile, swift HEIs response mechanisms for crisis management through entrepreneurial thinking and utilization of digital tools. 

Target Groups

Infusse Target Groups
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