Local Dissemination Webinars for INFUSSE Platform

The University of Macedonia and KiNNO INNOVATION INTERMEDIARIES, representing Greece in the INFUSSE prοject, organized a local dissemination webinar to demonstrate the INFUSSE Open Educational Resources Hub and informed the project stakeholders about the Train the Trainers Path and the INFUSSE Incubation Programme. The aim of the webinar was to highlight the importance of digital business skills and to present the capabilities of the online platform and the training modules that have been developed.

The webinar was held on Tuesday, 30th of May 2023 at 17.00 Athens time. The webinar had 141 registrations from students, graduates, PhD candidates, educators, support organisations, ICT experts and companies, educators, and others, from whom 67 participated in the event. A follow-up email will be sent summarizing the presentation’s key points and links for signing up for the INFUSSE platform.

Pilot test of the INFUSSE Virtual Incubation Programme for Digital Entrepreneurship

INFUSSE Virtual Incubation Programme for Digital Entrepreneurship has been tested in three Higher Education Institutions in Greece, Romania, and Poland. The course includes 25 hours of e-learning activities spread over five days, with topics ranging from creating a start-up to utilizing ICT for business models. Days 3 and 4 are dedicated to trainer consultations, where participants work on their presentations, which include aspects like the problem their business is solving, their target market, and their business model. Day 5 is a demo day, where participants present their projects. Before participating in the demo day, students must meet certain requirements, such as completing all the quizzes and attending all the sessions. The presentations are assessed on criteria like innovativeness, market demand, and usefulness for society. 

INFUSSE Virtual Incubation Programme

The INFUSSE Transnational Incubation Programme was a three-day event held from 16th to 18th October 2023, designed to foster innovation and collaboration among teams. The first day, “Co-creation & Open Innovation Day”, was dedicated to idea presentation, team introductions, and co-creation sessions, aiming to stimulate the generation of new business ideas through team collaboration.

The second day, “Hands-on experience & Mentoring”, was centered around customer validation and business modeling. Teams were given the opportunity to work on their ideas with the guidance of a moderator and coach. The day concluded with a mentoring session, providing teams with further assistance to refine their ideas.

The final day, “GRANT FINAL – Demo Day”, was the culmination of the event, where teams presented their projects to a panel of experts. The top three projects were announced at the end of the day. The event also encouraged participants to stay connected via social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

The purpose of the event was to provide a platform for teams to collaborate, innovate and develop new business ideas. It also aimed to provide practical experience and mentoring to the teams, helping them to refine their ideas and present them effectively.

Infusse Multiplier Event

The multiplier event of INFUSSE garnered significant attention due to its impressive response and turnout. The event featured engaging discussions on innovation and entrepreneurship, with a focus on showcasing the outcomes of the programme.

The INFUSSE event was particularly notable for its emphasis on fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in the digital realm, especially in response to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 crisis. It aimed to support students and graduates in developing their digital business ideas and transforming them into viable solutions, all while creating connections between participants, industry stakeholders, and public entities.Additionally, it aimed to address digital transformation by promoting digital readiness, resilience, and capacity, as well as stimulating innovative learning and teaching practices within the higher education sector.

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