Pilot test of the INFUSSE Educators’ Training Path

Project Result 6 (PR6) within the INFUSSE project takes center stage as a pivotal component in enhancing the digital pedagogical competences of educators in higher education institutions. Led by Universitatea de Medicina, Farmacie, Stinte si Tehnologie George Emil Palade din Tirgu Mures (Romania), and in collaboration with our partners UoM and CUE, and with our innovation support counterparts, namely ICEBERG in Romania, KiNNO in Greece, and CREATEHUB in Poland, PR6 sets forth a comprehensive strategy to transform the way educators approach digital entrepreneurship education.
The INFUSSE Educators’ Training Path aims to empower educators by equipping them with the cross-curricular competencies necessary to navigate the ever-expanding digital landscape. This journey begins with the development of three pilot train-the-trainers programs, one in each of the partner areas mentioned above. These programs, tailored to the specific needs and contexts of Greece, Romania, and Poland, serve as laboratories for experimentation and innovation.
The following categories of stakeholders were targeted:
● Educators: The primary focus of PR6 is on educators in higher education institutions. Educators are the central beneficiaries of the training programs and resources developed as part of PR6. The project aims to enhance their digital pedagogical competences and equip them with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively teach digital entrepreneurship and adapt to the changing educational landscape.
● Innovation Support Organizations: PR6 collaborates with innovation support counterparts in each partner country (KiNNO in Greece, ICEBERG in Romania, and CREATEHUBin Poland). These organizations are instrumental in assisting with the development and delivery of the training programs. They contribute their expertise to ensure the success of the pilot sessions and the overall project.
● Learners: While not explicitly mentioned, learners in higher education institutions indirectly benefit from the outcomes of PR6. The project aims to improve the quality of education provided by educators, which, in turn, benefits students by offering them more relevant and up-to-date digital entrepreneurship education.
● Project Partners: The project partners involved in the INFUSSE project are key stakeholders. They collaborate closely in the development and execution of PR6 and are responsible for selecting educators to participate in the pilot sessions, ensuring commitment to the learning program.
● Educational Institutions: Higher education institutions themselves are stakeholders as they are hosting the pilot sessions and implementing the project’s outcomes. These institutions benefit from improved educator competences and gain valuable experience in digital education.

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